Schierke am Brocken

health resort and ski resort

Schierke is a small district of Wernigerode and lies 580-640 meters above sea level at the foot of the legendary Mount Brocken.

  • Stammhaus von Schierker Feuerstein in Schierke (Foto: Schierker Feuerstein GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Der Brocken (Foto: Andreas Lehmberg)
  • Kurpark in Schierke am Brocken
  • Kurpark in Schierke

It is deeply embedded in the Bode valley surrounded by high mountains and dense forests of the Harz.

Schierke offers tourists a beautiful closeness to nature via the Harz National Park, an idyllic landscape and attractive places for relaxation and recreation. Schierke has great opportunities for hiking, sports and winter sports activities.

Some places of interest are the Kurpark with its botanical rarities and "Alte Apotheke“(old pharmacy), where the Schierker Feuerstein schnapps was founded.

On exciting hikes to Mount Brocken, at 1141m or around the Bode Valley visitors are presented with impressive rock formations. Explore cliffs like the Mauseklippen, the Feuersteinklippen, the Schnarcherklippen and the Ahrensklint.

A special highlight is the journey with the Harz Narrow-Gauge Railway to the Brocken.

Mountain-bikers can expect a “roller coaster ride” between Schierke and the Wurmberg. With great twists and turns, steep climbs and beautiful views towards the summit of Mount Brocken, it is the perfect place to ride your bike. Adventure is also available with a series of guided tours for Nordic walkers and climbers.

During the winter season, Schierke enchants big and small guests with a snowy wonderland. Enjoy unspoiled nature on a well maintained cross-country network, and beautiful winter hiking trails to the highest mountain of the Harz or through the National Park. Winter fun is also promised at the natural ice rink and several toboggan runs in and around Schierke and not to be missed the Annual Schierker Winter Weeks for all generations.

With the all year Brocken-Coaster toboggan; fun can be guaranteed for all ages.

Tourist information

Brockenstraße 10
38879 Wernigerode OT Schierke
Telefon: 039455 8680

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