Schachdorf Stroebeck

the home of chess

Schachdorf Stroebeck lies just outside Halberstadt and is famous beyond the borders of Germany for its 1000-year tradition of chess.

  • Schachdorf Ströbeck
  • Schachdorf Ströbeck
  • Gasthaus im Schachdorf Ströbeck
  • Schachdorf Ströbeck

As a representative of Germany, Stroebeck, due to its unique tradition of chess is one of the 12 European villages that make up the network "Cultural Villages of Europe".

The whole village tells the unique history of Stroebeck.On the town square, lined by half-timbered houses, every year in May a chess tournament takes place; played on a large chess board, with human chess pieces! This event is watched by local chess players as well enthusiasts from around the world.

Legend tells us that in the Wartturm, a tower on the square, over 1000 years ago that Duke Gunzelin was imprisoned by the Bishop of Halberstadt, and to ease his boredom, he taught his guards the Stroebeck residents, the game of chess. You can visit the Wartturm by request. The Chess Museum brings the tradition and history of chess closer as well as displays in the museum courtyard, a painting by artists from the Dutch cultural village. The Schachdorf publishing company prints, since 1995 important books on chess history and regional literature. The chess souvenir shop offers beautiful gifts.

The House of Chess is today still a place where people meet for a game of chess. Various chess tournaments and events are held here annually.

Even in the streets of the city you encounter again and again the history. On houses and in the gardens you will discover everywhere chess motifs. From the Chess Tower and the Village Church flags wave with chess motifs.

As part of the cultural village year, the Europe Park was opened in 2006. Created in the form of a map of Europe, where in the country of every participating "Cultural Villages of Europe" you can find a tree typical of that region.

Tourist information

Schachmuseum Ströbeck
Platz am Schachspiel 97
38822 Halberstadt OT Schachdorf Ströbeck
Telefon: 039427 99850


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