city of roses & mountain town

The 1000-year-old mountain town and city of roses Sangerhausen is located at the scenic mountain slopes of the southern Harz, which form the northern end of the Golden Aue.

  • Sangerhausen (Foto: Rosenstadt Sangerhausen GmbH)
  • Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen (Foto: Rosenstadt Sangerhausen GmbH)
  • Ulrichkirche Sangerhausen (Foto: Rosenstadt Sangerhausen GmbH)
  • Skelett des Steppenelefanten von Edersleben (Foto: Spengler-Museum Sangerhausen)

The historic old town Sangerhausen is listed as a cultural heritage in Germany. Discover the Goepenstrasse, the Korn Market, the Renaissance Town Hall, the Mansions and the late Gothic Jacobi Church, the oldest building in the city and St. Ulrichs Church, which is part of the Romantic Road and one of the most sacred architectures within the Harz and the Kyffhaeuser region.

A very special treasure in Sangerhausen is the Europa-Rosarium (Europe Rose Garden), the largest collection of roses in the world. On an area of 13 hectares in an exceptional park, over 8,300 unique rose varieties and species are on display, in all of their stunning diversity and beauty. Besides the beautiful wild and cultivated roses, are climbing and trailing roses, and you can find even “the Black Rose” and “the Green Rose”. Approximately, 320 different tree types frame the collection of roses and make the Europa-Rosarium a major arboretum.

In the Spengler Museum, the regional museum of Sangerhausen, you can admire a host if interesting and valuable exhibits, texts and images on geology, natural history, the Ice Age, prehistory and early history and of course, the city's history in a special cultural experience. The show piece of this exhibition is the skeleton of the African Bush Elephant from Edersleben.

The mining museum Roehrigschacht is another attraction in Sangerhausen. After a ride on the cable car along the originally preserved shaft, the visitors are shown the mines at a depth of 283m using a mine train to the copper ore. Above ground the mining museum and a nature trail explain the mining process using various exhibits from the olden days up to modern times.

Tourist information

Im Bahnhof Sangerhausen
Kaltenborner Weg 10
06526 Sangerhausen
Telefon: 03464 19433


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