in the Southern Harz Mountains

In the south of the Harz Mountains, surrounded by beautiful mixed forests and in the midst of a particularly healthy climate lies the certified health resort and romantic town of Neustadt.

  • Historisches Fachwerk in Neustadt - Foto: Stadt Neustadt
  • Burgruine Hohnstein - Foto: Stadt Neustadt
  • Wasserlauf in Neustadt - Foto: Stadt Neustadt
  • Historisches Fachwerk in Neustadt - Foto: Stadt Neustadt

In cooperation with its hosts, local physiotherapists and Dr André Haas, their local physician and specialist on cures, Neustadt offers ambulant treatments for patients with chronic pulmonary disease and cardiovascular disease - but also people looking for a timeout will find the “right climate”.

The picturesque scenery of half-timbered houses and the 900-year-old castle ruin of Hohenstein create a remarkable atmosphere. After extensive restoration, visitors can enjoy the cozy restaurant and a breathtaking view from the castle terrace. Nowadays the former ancestral castle of Count Hohenstein is a popular starting point for dedicated hikers, cyclists and nature lovers. From here numerous routes lure visitors into a mountainous and wild landscape, onto pathways over rolling hills and vast meadows of the Harz Mountains’ foreland.

Upon arrival in Neustadt, visitors marvel at the historic city gate, the town’s landmark. Built in 1412, today it accommodates the local history museum with various exhibits. Once signifying the town’s privileges as a medieval city, the larger-than-life “Roland” statue near the town hall and the St. George's Church are impressive sights of the town centre. The outdoor pool, a bowling lane centre, a public barbecue and a golf course are made for enjoyable holidays with a range of activities to choose from.

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99762 Neustadt
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