The holiday resort Neudorf is a village in the district of Harzgerode and lies on a plateau about 440 meters above sea level in the headwaters of the narrow Wippermann. Neudorf is characterized by its rural character and healthy mountain air.

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On a 50km long network of trails, hikers and nature lovers are surrounded by vast forests, flowering meadows and open fields which give a mixture of rest, relaxation and adventure. Particularly exciting is the circular "Neudorfer Historic Mining Walking Way". The route runs along the former mine, and shows former equipment, and informs you about the 600 year mining history Neudorf.

In the beautifully decorated local office a number of everyday objects, reminiscent of the old days of a bygone era in the town. Fun for kids and adults can be found in the Active-Wellness-Oasis with quad track, mini golf, sauna, and outdoor area with barbecue and numerous other features in which is situated a lake Holiday Park, Birnbaum Lake and on the Indian Ranch in Neudorf in the Harz.

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Stadtinformation Harzgerode
Marktplatz 7
06493 Harzgerode
Telefon: 039484 7476703


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