Kommunen Nordharz

The communities of the northern Harz region with its districts of; Abbenrode, Danstedt, Heudeber, Langeln, Schmatzfeld, Stapelburg, Veckenstedt plus the aquatic life are set in the unique natural surroundings of the north of Harz.

  • Burgruine Stapelburg
  • Nordharz
  • Radwanderweg im nördlichen Harzvorland
  • Großer Teich in Veckenstedt

As a former border region it has great cultural traditions and agriculture, the community between North Harz Zwischen Harz, Huy and Fallenstein a varied holiday region.

With the direct location of the Green Belt, a transnational network of valuable habitats along the former inner-German border, various themed routes passing along rivers, mountain ranges, views towards the Harz, and proximity to the National Park Harz region, hikers, cyclists and nature lovers will love this region.

Exciting excursions in and around the community of villages such as the Mill Museum and the Mill Trail in Abbenrode, the small agricultural town Veckenstedt with its farms, orchards and mill ditches, the 256-meter Sassberg with a 360 ° panoramic view near Veckenstedt and the swimming pool IIsestrandbad.

Places of interest in the region such as the romantic castle ruins and the former health clinic in Stapelburg, the windmill in Danstedt, St. Mary's Church in Langeln and St. Andrew's Church in Abbenrode built in 1575 with its unique church windows that focus on the fall of the Berlin Wall.           Through the municipality also leads the "Romweg," that Abbot Albert of Stade in the 13th century took from North Germany to Rome on pilgrimage.

Fishing enthusiasts will find in the fish farming industry in Veckenstedt numerous fishing opportunities.

Learn about the history and tradition of places at the Local Museums in Abbenrode, Langeln, Stapelburg Veckenstedt. In the two border towns of Abbenrode, Stapelburg, there are interesting exhibits on the former inner-German border.

Tourist information

Gemeinde Nordharz
Straße der Technik 4
38871 Nordharz OT Veckenstedt
Telefon: 039451 6000


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