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Barbarossa Cave

Barbarossa cave

Simply amazing. The 15.000 sqm large Barbarossa cave in the GeoPark Kyffhäuser is Europe's only show cave in anhydrite stone. Here you can experience the Earth's history with all your senses and learn interesting facts about an exciting piece of German history. You will be enchanted by huge voids and crystal clear, blue-green shimmering lakes with impressive ceiling reflections. Spectacular and unique in the world: from ceilings and walls grow down bizarre curved gypsum, reminding of hanging down wallpaper. Also impressive is the complex play of colours on the white and gray rock. The various grains and drawings, such as the "gypsum bubbles", "snake" and "alabaster outlines" give the rock a truly exotic appearance. Pay the old Emperor Barbarossa in the "dance hall" a visit. Legend says that he sat at a table of marble and over the centuries his red beard had grown through the table top.

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