the centre of the Lower Harz

The health resort Harzgerode is situated in a plateau at the centre of the Lower Harz on a major intersection within the Harz.

  • Rathaus Harzgerode (Foto: Annet Zeitfuchs)
  • Freibad Albertine (Foto: Stadt Harzgerode, E. Schindler)
  • Wehrgang im Schloss Harzgerode (Foto: Stadt Harzgerode, E. Schindler)
  • Grube Glasebach bei Straßberg (Foto: Grube Glasebach)

From all directions, the journey to Harzgerode leads along winding roads with twists and turns through vast hardwood forests of the Harz Nature Park.

Located in the beautiful Selke Valley visitors can enjoy Harzgerode green forests, clear water and clean air. With the Selketal Railway, part of the nostalgic Harz Narrow- Gauge Steam Railway you can experience a special journey. The historic trains pass nature and protected landscape areas with rare flora and fauna on the way to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Quedlinburg. For those who would like to use feet instead, the 72km route Selketal-Stieg is exactly the right thing.

Among the cultural attraction is the Harzgerode Castle, a three-story Renaissance building with stair tower, a covered walkway and a round tower. In the castle, visitors are presented with various exhibitions on different topics.

On a walk through town, you pass the market square with its impressive half-timbered town hall and St. Mary's Church with emblematic collection, tower flat and crypt.

Also worth seeing is the technical monument Carlswerk Maegdesprung. From April to October, it allows visitors an insight into the development of ore in an authentic atmosphere of a workshop in the Selke valley.

In Silberhuette, a small hamlet of Harzgerode is the kids adventure park “Unterharzer Waldhof”. With playgrounds and outdoor exhibitions on forest management, it is open to visitors all year round.

Tourist information

Schlossplatz 3
06493 Harzgerode
Telefon:  039484 723287

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