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The officially recognized resort of Gernrode is situated on the northern edge of the Eastern Harz Mountains in scenic hillside at the foot of the Stubenberg mountain facility and is particularly well known for the 1000 year old St. Cyriacus Church.

  • Vom Försterblick zur Stiftskirche in Gernrode
  • Stiftskirche Gernrode (Foto: Astrid Müller)
  • Stiftskirche St. Cyriakus in Gernrode (Foto: Astrid Müller)

Situated on the Romantic Road, the St. Cyriacus Church is one of the oldest churches in Northern Europe whose structure has remained virtually unchanged from the Ottonian period.

Also recommended and a pleasure to combine with a stroll through the pretty town streets, is a visit to the historic Town Hall and the old elementary school. As one of the oldest Protestant schools in Germany it is now a school and town museum with historical classrooms and a large collection of minerals.

The Selketalbahn, one of the oldest narrow gauge railways in the Harz Mountains forms part of the Harz narrow-gauge railways, is a special highlight. The line is mainly operated by steam locomotives, and is a special attraction for young and old. The Anhalt Harz Railway (Selketalbahn) Museum, in the station Gernrode gives you an insight into the history of the Harzgeroder-Gernroeder railway.

At the Harzer Cuckoo Clock Factory you will find the largest cuckoo clock outside of the Black Forest, which was listed in the Guinness Book of Records. You will also discover at the clock factory a giant weather station.The carving demonstrations at the Bormann Museum workshop reveal the skills required for small wooden tools and technology in the past 100 years. In the Harz liquor factory, visitors can expect a factory tour followed by some tastings of the local liqueurs. Every Saturday starting at the Town Hall between May to October, guided tours are offered.

With the direct location of the Selketalbahn, Gernrode is a popular destination for hikers. The Forest Pool Osterteich and the crystal clear Nature Lake Bremer Teich, both surrounded by beautiful deciduous and coniferous forests, are a popular destination during walks on the well-maintained hiking trails in and around Gernrode. With a sandy beach, a lawn and numerous leisure-time possibilities, the two bathing lakes have a lot to offer.

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