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Experience the fascination of exotic wildlife in one of the most beautiful zoological gardens in Saxony-Anhalt with 10 hectare of forest. Special visitor attractions are the Siberian and the white tigers - the only ones in Saxony-Anhalt. Walk along the tiger path surrounding the two large open-air enclosures where the tigers live.

Discover 600 animals of 120 species in their spacious enclosures: flamingos, antelopes, camels, jaguars, panthers and since summer 2015 also a large meerkat enclosure and a white lion. In the aquarium visitors find the exotic world of snakes, crocodiles, mega bats and freshwater fish. Get close to the monkeys in the walk-in monkey house or visit one of the events at zoo's planetarium.

Hexenhaus (witches house)

The crazy witches house is the home of witch Watelinde. But it´s upside down. What happened? Visit and find out.



Zoo Aschersleben
Auf der Alten Burg 40
06449  Aschersleben

+49 (0)3473 3324

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